Bigger Chill

Bigger Chill 2018

Chillin In The Smokies

A Reunion For Us

3 Nights

Because 3 is better than 2.

One Huge House

Lots of room for music, games, dancing, and even sleeping

Music and Fun

I think they used to call these events a Hootenanny. But anyone who calls it that will be thrown off the deck into the Smokie Mountain Abyss.

The Bigger Chill

The House

How It Works

The Costs

We are estimating $100 per person and that covers all 3 nights.

More details to come soon.

All The Details


Either 3rd weekend in October or first weekend in November (half the price)

Where is the House?

Smoky Mountains Near Pigeon Forge

We are inviting a small list of people (with their significant others of course)

About 20-25 people from our circle of friends in High School. 

The Plans

Who Is Likely Coming

Joseph Schaefer

Sheryl Schaefer (Southard)

Chris Borland 

Jennifer Borland

Beth Ann De Boers (Shepherd)

David De Boers

Robert Ashcraft & Kimberly Gibson

David Kling (Mr. Kling)

Nina Koch (Klein)

John Stinchcomb

Don Townsend & Anna (Spouse)

Teresa Higham and Michael Higham

Ray Kerner

Danny Williams  & Spouse

Carroll Scudder


The Stories..

Someday we will share the story of the Bigger Chill mascot,  THE CHICKEN.

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